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Yield Curve Inversion | Market Insights

Phantom 401K | Options For Your Old 401K

Yield Curve Inversion. In this installation of Market Insights, Warwick Shore Advisors Chief Investment Officer Paul Z Shelton Jr., discusses the inversion of the yield curve and what it means for investors and the economy. This video will explain a normal yield curve, flat yield curve and an inverted yield curve. The yield curve is often influenced by the Federal Reserve implementing monetary policy in response to the current and forecasted economic conditions.

In this video Warwick Shore Advisors Chief Investment Officer, Paul Z Shelton Jr. discusses some of the options for a retirement account left behind at a previous employer. If you have a phantom 401k, 403B or TSP give us a call and we can explore some options for you. An IRA rollover may not always be the best option, in many cases it is.



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