How We Invest

Warwick Shore Advisors employs a rules-based academic approach that incorporates top-down macroeconomic analysis and quantitative research.  The firm leverages its resources to conduct rigorous fundamental and quantitative research which is the foundation for the investment strategies employed by the firm.  Our rigorous research and portfolio construction process gives us opportunistic insight in to the investment landscape.  Empirical research shows that factors, such as small-cap, value and momentum are found to explain various degrees of return. We have embraced this research and structure our portfolios to include multiple factors within our equity and fixed income allocations.

Historically, diversification was sought through the classical mix of stocks and bonds comprised of a traditional 60/40 allocation.  As a result of the globally expanding investment universe and cyclical shifts in economic regimes, we believe that true diversification is found through a four asset class allocation.  This approach involves expanding beyond the scope of equity and fixed income to include alternative investments and real assets.  We believe the inclusion of these assets allow our portfolios to strategically plan for unforeseen volatility and allow for tactical allocation shifts in various economic climates.

“Market timing is a challenging strategy that very few investors can correctly accomplish, consistently. Instead of timing the market, time in the market has shown to be more consistent and profitable to investors in the long run.”
— By Paul Z. Shelton Jr.